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Protect Your Driveway with Made in USA Driveway Spikes!

Locally Grown, Locally Rolled, and Made in Pennsylvania, USA,
using Pennsylvania Broadleaf Wrapper, Binder and Filler
from Lancaster, Chester and York Counties! Whew.
John Hay Diplomat Series Cigars!

In-Season, Super Rare brewed-by-the-cup coffee.
Roasting Plant Fresh Roasted, Brewed Just For You Hawaii Kona Le'a Organic!

Portable Heaters Still Made in USA!! Get ready for Fall and Winter.
Solar Flare Heaters!

Alcohol Can Be A Gas! And it should be!
Maybe the most important book on fuel!
Alcohol Can Be A Gas!
Fueling An Ethanol Revolution For The 21st Century

by David Blume

Change Your Oil- Change the World!
Bio-Based Full Synthetic Motor Oil,
Grown and Made in the USA!
G Oil
by Green Earth Technologies!

Fuel your vehicle with Made in USA Flex-Fuel E85 & Bio-Diesel!
Propel Fuels!
Clean Fuels reducing imported oil!

Another Nice Ad campaign, "Proud To Be American. Valero"!
Valero Gas Stations!

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Do All Your Shopping at:
Buy American (buyamericanmart.com), of course!

"What are all of the makes of cars (trucks, etc.) that are American made?"

2011 Cars Trucks SUVs & Minivans

2010 Cars Trucks SUVs & Minivans

2009 Cars Trucks SUVs & Minivans

2008 Cars Trucks SUVs & Minivans

2007 Cars Trucks SUVs & Minivans

2006 Cars Trucks SUVs & Minivans

2005 Cars Trucks SUVs & Minivans

2004 Cars SUVs Minivans & Trucks

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Still 100% Made in USA Jeans!
Texas Jeans!

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Here and almost gone. Late Summer, early Fall.
Rare, delicious, grown in California, USA Keitt Mangos!

Jewelry Designed & Produced in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA!
Carolyn Pollack Jewelry!

Lingerie & Clothing for the Curvy Woman, Made in USA!
Real Girls Lingerie!

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Wow! What a Great Book! Not a Moment Too Soon!
Can American Manufacturing Be Saved?
Why We Should And How We Can
by Michele Nash-Hoff
Thanks Michele!

The world's only American operated Kura!
Sake One, Momokawa Organic Ginjo Junmai Premium Sake!
Brewed in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA!

They're Back! Made in USA Ice Hockey Sticks!!
Miken Hockey Sticks!

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Possibly The Best Champagne on Earth!
Korbel California Champaigne, made with Organic Grapes!
Made in USA, American Owned!
Can't find it in your local store? Buy Direct!

Yoga Mats Still Made in the U.S.A.!
Jade Harmony Yoga Mats!

Car & Truck Engines & Transmissions, Proudly Remanufactured in the USA!
Jasper Engines & Transmissions!

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Soy Sauce Near Perfection...
USA Owned!
Kentucky Wheat!
Kentucky Non-GMO Soybeans!
Kentucky Spring Water!
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Aging!
Blue Grass Soy Sauce!
It doesn't get much better than this.

Car, Truck, SUV, Minivan Floor Mats & Cargo-Area Liners Made in USA! and even more USA Content!
WeatherTech Floormats & CargoLiners!
Check out the great made in USA message from the WeatherTech/McNeil CEO.

Gasoline Containers American Made, American Owned, American Proud!
Midwest Can Gas Cans!

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Magnetic Toy Puzzles Made in the USA!
Fractiles! Geometric Toy Puzzles!

Central and Portable Central Vacuums Made in USA!
Intervac Design Central Vacuums!

Travel Bags, Backpacks and Camera Bags Made in USA Since 1970!
Tough Traveler Travel Bags & More!

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Union Assembled in USA Netbooks, Notebooks and Desktop Computers:
Union Built PC!
USA Assembled & USA Serviced Laptops & Desktops!:
ZT Systems!

"Designed and manufactured in North America," but it's still Made in USA!!
The New M11 Ice Hockey Helmet, from Cascade Hockey!

Two for the Price of One; Eco-Friendly & Made in USA!
Silence HP Made in USA Hair Dryers!

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Organic Seasoned Salt produced in Utah, USA!:
Real Salt!

The only Motorcycle Tire produced in the USA!:
Dunlop MotorCycle Tires!
Dunlop, a USA owned company, too!

Ruined Again!:
Chevrolet, an "American Revolution", assembling its 2010 Camaro in
Ontario, Canada (again), with automatic transmissions from Mexico!
It's not perfect, but instead, get the Assembled in USA 2010 Mustang GT Coupe Premium, USA 4.6L v8 engine and Mexico manual transmission.

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Skateboard, Longboard and Downhill Board Decks Made in USA...Skateboards Assembled in the USA with Made in USA trucks!:
Hang Five Skate Boards!

Do Your Part To Reverse Global Warming. Buy Your Made in the USA Carbon Offset!:
TerraPass CO-2 Carbon Offsets!

Made in USA And USA owned Full Synthetic Motor Oils!:

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Promote the USA! Union Made in USA Imprinted Marketing and Promotional Products!:
Goldstein Associates Imprinted Products! Lots to Choose From!

Scrub Away Scummy, Unfair Trade and Flush It Down the Sewer!:
Made in USA Toilet Bowl Brushes from Fuller Brush!

2009 Calendars Union Printed in USA!:
Syracuse Cultural Workers 2009 Peace Calendar!

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Stainless Steel Flatware Made in Sherrill, New York, USA!:
Cutco Cutlery!

Blinded by Trade Deficit Imports? See Clearly with Made in USA Window Cleaners!:
Nature's Choice Glass & Mirror Cleaner from Fuller Brush!

Get Your Uni On! Union Made in USA Underwear!:
Boxer Briefs by Union House!

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Hand-Crafted Firearms, Made in Wyoming, USA!:
Freedom Firearms!

Cool Electric Motocross Motorcycles Assembled in USA by a USA Owned Company!:
Zero Motorcycles!

All Electric Luxury Sports Cars Assembled in USA by an American Company!:
Tesla Roadsters!

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It's Finally Here!! The Ultimate Buying Guide for Every American!
How Americans Can Buy American [3rd edition] (HowToBuyAmerican.com)!

Do all your gift shopping at:
Buy American (buyamerican.com), of course!

Looking For The Best American Car Companies? Check Out The Totally Cool Jobs-Per-Car Ratings at:
Level Field Institute (levelfieldinstitute.org)!

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Always Hard to Find! Made in USA Disc Brake Pads!:
Wagner Premium Brake Products!

Super Rare! (of course) Made in USA Cast Iron Cookware!:
Lodge Manufacturing Cast Iron Cookware!

American Clothing for the American Worker!:
All USA Clothing!

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Unbelievable!! Computer Laptop Memory Made in the USA! Upgrade today while you can still get it!:
Micron Technology!

Can't find it in stores? Buy Direct Made in USA, USA Maple Syrup!:
Brown Family Farm Pure New England Maple Syrup!

Get them before they are all gone! Motorcycle helmets made in USA!:
Simpson Racing "Outlaw Bandit Motorcycle model only, molds still in Texas, specify Made in USA when you order"!

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100% Designed and Made in USA Promotional T-Shirts!:
aciremA Marketing Promo T-Shirts!

Super Rare! Made in USA Battery Jumper/Booster Cables!:
Rizk National & Remy Booster Cables!

Very Hard-to-Find Made in USA Multi-Tools!:
SOG Multi-Tools!

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Check The Great Labeling! 100% Pure Florida! Never Imported!
Florida's Natural Orange Juice!

Unbelievable! Making 100% Made in USA Jeans for over 30 years!
Texas Jeans!

Super Rare! Ice Hockey Helmets Made in USA!
Cascade Hockey!

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Artificial Christmas Trees Made in America!
Holiday Tree & Trim.

Portable Electric heaters labeled "USA"!
Vornado Vortex heaters!

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I thought most cloth shopping bags were made in China, but these are still Made in USA!
Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Soda Bottle fabric Shopping Bags, Made in Georgia, USA!
The Cloth Bag Company shopping Bags!

Almost too good to be true!
Made in the USA, professional kitchen & dinner knives!
Brush-finish Recycled Aluminum handles!
Surgical quality stainless steel blades, lifetime guarantee!
Rada Cutlery, available from Real Goods!

Hand poured, handmade hand soap, Made in Kauai!
Island Soap Hand Soap!

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100% Big Island, USA, Hawaiian Organic Shade Tree Coffee!
It can't get much better than this!:
Hawaiian Cloud Forest Coffee!

Made in America Plant Food!:

Nine Volt Alkaline Batteries Made in USA!:
Longs Drugs 9 Volt Alkalines!

Dog, Cat & Pet Leashes Made in USA!:
Preston Leashes!

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Mochi Ice Cream Made in USA!:
Bubbies of Hawaii!

Padlocks 100% Made in America. Since 1860!:
Wilson Bohannan Padlocks!

Rare! Knit Headwear & Ski Caps Made in USA:
Artex Knitting Mills!

100%! Made in USA Jeans!:
Diamond Gusset Jeans!

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Rare! Glue Guns Made in USA:
Arrow Professional Hot Melt Glue Guns!

Christmas Wreaths Made in USA!
Christmas Forest.

Want to Boycott French and German Products & Companies?
How To Buy Anerican's Boycott Lists.

The only 2004 USA Democratic presidential candidate opposed to the evil NAFTA, WTO & GATT?:
So far, Seems so, Dennis Kucinich .

How do you support the USA?:
(go to) Buy American, of course!

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Exercise Equipment Made in USA!!
Nordic Track.

100% Made in USA skate sharpener!!

Boxer Briefs Unbelievably Still Made in USA!

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Camera & Cell Phone Cases Made in Montana!
Op/Tech USA.

Outdoor Clothing Made in USA with 100% US Labor & Fabrics!
Rivers West.

Satellite TV Receivers Made in USA of US & import parts!
Digital Satellite Receivers.

Remanufactured & Rebuilt Car Engines & Transmissions Made in USA!
PowerPro Engines.
PowerPro Transmissions.

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Microwave Ovens Amazingly Still Assembled in USA!

Fine Wood Candy Dispensers Made in the USA!
Made in Alaska by Alakans.

Pant Belts Hand Crafted in the USA!
Available from Buy American.

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Humidifiers Made in USA!

Sports Goals & Practice Equipment Made in USA!:
Practice Partner

Patio & Deck Chairs Made in California of USA wood!:
MountainWood Woodworks

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Displays, Kiosks & Exhibits made in USA!:
International Exhibits

Caskets made in USA!:
A Team Masters

Beautiful Glass Tableware Handmade in USA!:
Fire and Light

Ladies Shoes Made in USA!:
Paradise Kittens

Surf clothing Made in USA!:

Unique & Beautiful! Made in USA!:
WooD neckties

Rare! Toilets Made in USA!:

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Brushes Made in USA!:
Fuller Brush

Even more Made in the USA products!:
Purchase American Made in the USA listings

Finding it Tuff to Find a job?:
Maybe the Job Search Story will help your understanding.

Team Color Hockey Socks Made in USA!:
Pear Sox

Custome Team Hockey Clothing Made in USA!:
Hystyk Pants & Hystyk Jerseys

Hockey Equipment Bags Made in USA!:
Varstiy Bags

X-Tremely Rare! Fast Food Kid's Meal Prize Made in USA!:
Kidcentives X-Treme Games VIII from Taco Bell

Handcrafted Wood Puzzles Made in USA!:
Fry's Puzzles

Made in America Play Yards/Playpens!:
North States Industries

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More Bad news:
Motorola production being moved from Elma, New York to Nogales, Mexico. 200 US jobs at risk.

Per Buffalo News (per US Stuff visitor email 12-7-01)
(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who emailed the info.)

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Story on NBC news about a factory doing so well making US flags. They were in China. (per US Stuff visitor email 10-24-01)
Don't settle for anything less than Made in USA Flags!

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Buy America Foundation Deficits Page (www.libertynet.org/buyam/deficit.html).

The Big Bad Five:
Japan, China, Canada, Germany & Mexico.

Who owns the company? Where's it made? Where do the parts come from?
Find out at a glance with the F.L.A.G.S. I.D. (flagsid.com) System

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Fighting for America and American workers:
Michael Moore (the good one, not the WTO one) (michaelmoore.com)

Fighting Sweatshops around the world:
Charles Kernaghan and The National Labor Committee (www.nlcnet.org)

Contact your US House Representative:

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Union Labor, Links and News:
Union Resource Network (www.Unions.org)

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The Evil WTO is at it again! Nov.30-Dec.4, 1999, Seattle,WA.

Protesters tear gassed, pepper sprayed and shot with rubber bullets!
Independent Media Center (indymedia.org)

Check out:
Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch (tradewatch.org),
Seattle'99 WTO Mobilization Site (seattle99.org),
Global Exchange (globalexchange.org).

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What is 'Made in USA'?
See the Federal Trade Commission's "Complying with the Made In the USA Standard" web page:

Report violators of the Made in USA Standard!

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Looking for Made in USA products, Assembled in U.S.A. products?
Check out the Product List of some known American Made Products.

Can't find it?
Contact U.S. Stuff and U.S. Stuff will try to find it.

Found it but don't see it here?
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Other books and references:

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NAFTA Sucks. Find out why from Fair Trade Watch's NAFTA pages (http://www.fairtradewatch.org/nafta/index.htm) .

Other sources of Made in USA products and info:

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Product price, features, content, description, County of Origin , etc may change and/or vary.
Sometimes U.S. Stuff gets it totally wrong.

Always verify before ordering.
Always verify after receiving.
Always check the labels.

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