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Dunlop Motorcycle Tires (dunlopmotorcycle.com)

Motorcycle Tires

In 1920, ground was broken in Buffalo, New York, for what would become the first Dunlop tire manufacturing facility in the United States. Dunlop is still the only manufacturer to produce motorcycle tires in the U.S.. (per dunlopmotorcycle.com 7-27-09)
Huntsville Proving Grounds. (per dunlopmotorcycle.com 7-27-09)
some Qualifier sizes, Sportmax GP-A, D616, Elite 3 radial and bias, some GT501 sizes, some D404 sizes, D407, D402, D401, K591, D207 ZR rear, D208 ZR front, D250, some D251 sizes, Cruisemax, F24G, K177, D417, 491 Elite II, some K555 sizes, K555J, certain classes of AMA race tires made in USA. (per dunlopmotorcycle.com cust serv email 6-4-09)
Made in USA. (both sidewall labeling)
- - - (per model D407 tire sidewalls labeling 2-1-11)
Made in USA (one side labeling)
- - - (per model Sportmax Q2 tire sidewall labeling ~6-10)
Made in USA.
- - - (per model 208GP-A tire sidewall labeling ~6-09)
Tire Models:
D407, D402, D401, K591 & Sportmax GPA made in USA. (per dunlopmotorcycle.com 5-24-09)
Dunlop owned by Goodyear, which is a USA owned company. (per dunlopmotorclycle.com cust serv ~6-3-09).
Goodyear is a USA owned company. (per book How Americans Can Buy American (HowToBuyAmerican.com))

Performance tires available for lots of makes and models of motor cycles.

As always, Before You Buy, check for Made in USA!:
Buy from:
Road Rider Accessories (roadridermca.com)
2897 Monterey Hwy
San Jose, CA 95111-3154
(408) 227-6936

Also buy from:

eBay (eBay.com)


JC Whitney (JCWhitney.com)
Chicago, Ill


Motorcycle Superstore (motorcyclesuperstore.com)
2065 Lars Way
Medford, OR 97501-3763

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires (dunlopmotorcycle.com)
Sheridan Dr. & River Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14240-1109
1-800-321-2136 , 716-879-8200, 800-548-4714 (toll free) Fax: 716-879-8222

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motorcycle tires made in Japan, Germany and a motorcycle tire made and/or assembled in another country.

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