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Product- Hair Dryers Made in USA

Only Green Hairdryer Made in USA! Say YES! to:

Brilliant Products (silencehp.com)

Green Environmental and Quiet Professional Hair Driers

Made in USA (per Brilliant Products brochure ~08-25-09)

Buy Direct from!
Brilliant Products (silencehp.com)
17709 West Manso Street
Goodyear, AZ 85338
email: customerservice@hairpower.com
Toll Free: 800-522-4512
T: 623-386-7505
F: 623-386-7852

Watch out for:
a green and non-green, quiet or noisy hair drier made and/or assembled in another country.

Rare, Rare find! Say YES! to:

Hartman Products, Inc.

Hand Held Hair Dryers

All products Made in America (per buyamerican.com 3-22-01)

Buy from:

Watch out for:
a hand held hair dryer made and/or assembled in another country.

Say YES! to:

Aurora, by TonJon (tonjon.com)

Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

Made in U.S.A., U.S.A. engineered and built (per tonjon.com/aurora.htm 3-13-03 & 7-12-00).

Elegant styling and convenience.
Easy install...built for years of trouble-free operation.
Super safe- no electrical components are ever in user's hands!
Every unit 100% safety and performance tested.
Wall mounting saves counter space.
Unique two-speed STYLE/DRY switch.
Rated industry best at 1200 watts!
(110-120v, 50-60HZ) 220-240 V models available for export. (Optional wattages offered.)
Secure, tamper resistant, wall mount design practically eliminates damage or theft.
Automatic ON/OFF operation conserves energy.
Choice of almond or white color to complement most bath decors.
Flexible hose extends to 72" for user convenience. (Optional lengths available.)
Ergonomic handle especially designed to contour to user's hand.
Hard wired (Model AR1200), or exclusive line cord, plug-in (Model AR1200LC) types.
Model Nos.- AR 1200-Hard Wire, AR 1200 LC-Line Cord/Plug In

TonJon- World class bath accessories. Bath mirrors and hand dryers, too.

As always, Before you order, ask for made in USA.
For a dealer near you:
The TonJon Company (tonjon.com)
56 South LaSalle Street, Aurora IL 60507
Tel: (630) 892-9200 Fax: (630) 892-3989
Email sales@tonjon.com

Found with Search Engine, GO.com, 7-12-00.

Watch out for:
a wallmount hair dryer made and/or assembled in another country.

Say YES! to:

Less EMF, Inc. (lessemf.com)

Low EMF Hair Dryer

Made in USA of durable parts. (per http://www.lessemf.com/emf-appl.html 7-12-00).

"Distance is the Key!" Enjoy all the comfort and convenience of a hair dryer again!
Built and tested for safety, this unique dryer with six foot hose allows you to stay far enough away from the motor to reduce electromagnetic exposure to acceptable levels.
(Hand-held hair dryers can generate as much as 400 mG or more at your head and hand. Measured less than 0.1 mG from this unit with hose fully extended.)
Simple wall mount unit has standard wall plug. No danger of shock from dropping handle in water!
1200W, has plenty of power, and a two-speed switch for fast drying or gentle styling.
1-year warrantee.
Almond color.
220-240V model available.

Less EMF, Inc. (lessemf.com)
26 Valley View Lane, Ghent, NY 12075 USA
Order Toll Free: (8 8 8) L E S S - E M F
International: +1 ( 5 1 8 ) 3 9 2 - 1 9 4 6
Fax: +1 ( 2 0 9 ) 7 9 6 - 8 7 4 7
Email lessemf@lessemf.com

Found with Search Engine, GO.com, 7-12-00.

Watch out for:
a low EMF hair dryer made and/or assembled in another country.

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