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Product- Outdoor Clothing Made in USA

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Rivers West (riverswest.com)

Outerwear & Outdoor Clothing

We use 100% U.S. labor and 100% U.S.-made fabrics in our manufacturing. Privately held, U.S. Company headquarted in Seattle with another large manufacturing facility in Manti. (per riverswest.com cust serv email 6-10-03)
Made in USA (USA flag, prominent home page labeling) (per riverswest.com 4-9-02)
All Made in USA & American Made (per MadeinUSA.org 4-9-02)

Jackets, Vests, Pants, Hats, Accessories.

Hydro² PowerLock® System, Micro-cell technology enables 100% waterproof / windproof clothing that completely shields you from all of nature's elements. Protection equal to polar fleece & waterproof nylon layers, in one single layer, at about half the cost.

Rivers West (riverswest.com)
2900 4th Ave South
Seattle, WA 98134
telephone:206. 682.8574
fax: 206. 682.8691

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outdoor wear and outerwear made and/or assembled in another country.

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Beagle Outdoor Wear (beaglewear.com)

Outdoor Clothing

Made in Vermont (prominent label) (per beaglewear.com 3-28-02)
All products sold by BuyAmerican.com are made in the USA. (per BuyAmerican.com cust serv email 3-6-02)
Retailer of American Made Products. (per BuyAmerican.com 3-2-02)

Tracker Coats, Stalker Coats, Hunting Vests, Handwarmers, Extreme Coats, Casual Vests and Backpacks, too!

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Watch out for:
outdoor wear made and/or assembled in another country.

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