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Product- Exhibits, Kiosks & Displays Made in USA

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International Exhibits (internationalexhibits.com)

Exhibits, Kiosks, POP's, In-Store Displays, Museum Displays

Made in the USA. Facility in Washington state, and also have work done in California. (per internationalexhibits.com cust serv email 2-6-02)

International Exhibits designs and manufacturers trade show exhibits, in-store displays, POP's, kiosks and museum displays.

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International Exhibits, Inc. (internationalexhibits.com)
Seattle, Washington
Sales/Customer Service: 360.871. 2819
Design/Production: 360. 769. 9726
E-MAIL jvaughn@internationalexhibits.com

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an exhibit, Kiosk, POP, In-Store Display or Museum Displays made and/or assembled in another country.

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