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Product- Toilets Made in USA, Potties Made in USA

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Eljer (eljer.com)


Made in the USA (prominent red white and blue, stars and stripes sticker) (per toilet display labeling 8-11-02)
Made in USA (prominent star and stripes box label) (per toilet box labeling 8-11-02)
Made in USA (per tiolet labeling, per Home Depot floor sales rep 8-11-02)

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Home Depot (homedepot.com), Bollinger & De Anza Blvd., San Jose (West), Calif.

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor for emailing their question 1-19-02)

Watch out for:
an American Standard toilet made in China or Mexico, a Kohler or Lamosa toilet made in Mexico, or a Glacier Bay toilet made in China or Thailand or a toilet made or assembled in another country.

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Primo Freedom

Kids' Potties

All products are made in America. (per Buy American 8-11-02)

Child's first toilet. Built-in deflectors, specially-designed gripper handles. Stable design makes it practically tip-proof. (per Buy American 8-11-02)

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Buy American

Watch out for:
a kid's potty made or assembled in another country.

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