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Product- Hockey Pants Made in USA

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Hystyk Sport (hystyk.com)

Inline Hockey Pants.

Made in USA (per pant labeling 8-4-02)

Roller Hockey Pants. Use them for ice, too.
Custom Team Colors and Logos. Custom Jerseys, too!.

Last pair in store at:
Play It Again Sports (playitagainsports.com)
133 E. El Camino Rl
Moutain View, Calif 94040
650-988-6800, fx 650-988-9868

Buy From:
Jerseys Unlimited (jerseysunlimited.com)
Atlanta, GA

Wholesale Direct from:
Hystyk Sport (hystyk.com)
3580 NE Broadway
Portland, Oregon 973232 USA
fx 503-231-9756

Watch out for:
a roller hockey pant made and/or assembled in another country.

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Black Biscuit (blackbiscuit.com)

Roller Hockey Pants.

Made in USA. (per Xaero model hockey pants label ~10-6-04)
All our high end pants are made in USA. We stock the Phenoms. We have distributors that stock the Pro model and the Xaero. The pants are produced in California. (per blackbiscuit.com cust serv email 9-29-04)

In Line Hockey Pants. Use them for ice hockey.
Custom Team Jerseys, too!.

Before you order!, always check for Made in USA
Buy Phenom Pants Direct From:
Black Biscuit (blackbiscuit.com)
800-591-6864 ext.1; M-F between 8am-5pm pacific time.

Buy From:
Net Skate (netskate.com)
Madison, Alabama

Also Buy From:
Jerseys Unlimited (jerseysunlimited.com)
Atlanta, GA

Watch out for:
an off ice or inline hockey pant made and/or assembled in another country.

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