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Product- Toilet Brushes Made in USA

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Fuller Brush - America's Premier Home Care Experts Since 1906!

Toilet Bowl Brushes, Brush Holder and Bowl Cleaner

Made in USA (red white blue Made in USA shield) (per cool FullerDirect.com website labeling. Look for Made in USA label. If not labeled Made in USA, probably import. 1-26-09)
100% Made in USA in Kansas, including labor, parts, etc, except some raw materials from overseas. USA owned, stock symbol CPAK. (per Fuller Brush cust serv email 2-1-02)
Manufacturing facility near Great Bend, Kansas. More than 2,000 items are formed within the bustling twelve-acre plant. Fuller remains the major employer in the Barton County, Kansas area. (per fullerdirect.com 1-17-02)

Bent Tip Style- Tough materials, terrific design!
Slender Style- Sleek design for easy cleaning!
Made in USA Brush Holder and Made in USA Bowl Cleaner available, too!

Also available from Fuller:
Window Cleaner
and other Household/Business Cleaning Aids, Polishes & Wax Products, Cotton & Synthetic Mops, Floor Brushes & Brooms, Stainless Steel Sponges, Twisted Wire Brushes & Swabs, Personal Care Brushes, Lotions and Fragrances, Hair Care Aids, Plastics, Wood-Shaped, Formed Metal, Silk-Screened Graphics, Aerosols, Chemicals.

Fuller Brush - America's Premier Home Care Experts Since 1906!
A Division of CPAC, Inc.
One Fuller Way
Great Bend, Kansas 67530 USA
800 522-0499
Tel: 620-792-1711
E-Mail: direct@fuller.com

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a Toilet Brushes window, glass & mirror cleaner made and/or assembled in another country.

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