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Product- Hockey Equipment Bags Made in USA

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Varsity Bags (no web site yet)

Sharks Logo Hockey Equipment Bags

Made in Fergus, Falls, Minnesota (per Varsity Bags phone cust serv 8-6-02)
Made in USA (per used bag labeling 8-4-02)

Team Colors and Logo. Regular styles, too.
Hockey Skate Zippered Pockets!.

Bought from:
Play It Again Sports (playitagainsports.com)
133 E. El Camino Rl
Moutain View, Calif 94040
650-988-6800, fx 650-988-9868

Wholesale Direct from:
Varsity Bags Ltd
308 W Lincoln Ave
Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Watch out for:
a hockey equipment bag made and/or assembled in another country.

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TuffBaggs (tuffbaggs.com)

Nylon Cloth Sports Bags and Bags for work, travel, sports, fun, home, small musical instruments

100% USA, 0%, absolutely no overseas content(per tuffbaggs.com cust serv email 10-19-01)
100% parts & labor Made in USA---keep the jobs here in the USA! 100% USA owned private company, born & raised American, in Upstate New York. (per tuggbaggs.com cust serv email 10-18-01)
Made in New York State (per tuffbags.com cust serv email 10-16-01)
Made in New York State (home page label). Hand-made products by Americans. KRLCP, Inc is a private upstate New York corporation, located in Capital District area of Albany, NY area. TuffBaggs are made with materials purchased from American companies and are sewn by people that live in the Capital District area of Albany. Additionally, KRLCP contracts with local businesses for business support services and products. (per tuffbags.com 10-16-01)

All sizes of sports bags, duffel bags, backpacks, work bags, computer bags, hockey bags, travel bags, home & small musical instruments cloth bags.
Bag customization, too! Design you own bag!

Buy from:
TuffBaggs / KRLCP, Inc. (tuffbaggs.com)
1 Johnny Place, P. O. Box 387
East Greenbush, NY 12061-0387
(518) 479-4052

(Thanks to TuffBaggs for sending the info 9-19-01)

Watch out for:
a sports bag made and/or assembled in another country by other companies.

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Sometimes U.S. Stuff gets it totally wrong.

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Always check the labels.

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