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Product- Internet Web Site Monitoring Companies Located in the USA

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Internet Web Site Monitoring Service Company

Corporate Offices Thornton, PA (per internetseer.com 5-27-01)

24/7 Monitoring Service is Provided at No Charge (per internetseer.com 5-27-01) "InternetSeer will check your site every hour, 24/7. If your site is not responding, we will immediately dispatch an email to alert you. Then, when connectivity is restored, we will send an email confirming your site is back up.

In addition, InternetSeer will send you a weekly report on the performance of your Web site. This information is useful for confirming your site's day-to-day connectivity and identifying areas that may need the attention of your webmaster. There's no software to install and you can get started in minutes. Why not activate your account now?" (per internetseer.com 5-27-02)

381 Brinton Lake Road
Thornton, PA 19373 USA
Phone: 610-361-3000
Fax: 610-361-3001
Email: info@internetseer.com

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