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Midwest Contracting & Mfg. (mcm-ks.com)


The DIRT KING trike is Hand Crafted in the USA. Quality American built product direct from the manufacturer. (per mcm-ks.com Dirt King description page, mcm-ks.com/king.htm 3-12-03)
Built in Kansas. (per WILW Radio (wilw.com) email 3-22-02)

Midwest Contracting & Mfg.- Home of the Dirt King. The most rugged trike available anywhere in the world.

Baked on powder coat paint finish. Pneumatic tires on steel rims with 5/8" Steel Ball Bearings. Smooth ride over uneven surfaces, from old sidewalks to gravel yards, thanks to the wide air filled floatation tires. Tilting handlebars along with the adjustable seat allows youngsters as young as 2 years old on up to ride, exercise and pass their time on a trike that they will be able to pass on to their children and most likely their grandchildren.

Kids and Adult trikes, kids trike trailers, and classic Red Wagon trailers. All made in the USA.

Buy direct from:
Midwest Contracting & Mfg., Inc. (mcm-ks.com)
MCM Inc.
P.O. Box 428
WaKeeney KS 67672
E. Hiway 40
WaKeeney, KS. 67672

(Thanks to WILW Radio (wilw.com) for emailing the info 3-22-02)

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