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Product- Tree Braces Made in USA

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Tree Trainer (treetrainer.com)

Self Supporting Tree Brace/Straighteners

Made in the USA. (per treetrainer.com 7-12-03)

Safe for the Environment, & reusable.
Rust-Free Aluminum. Sizes for small & large trees.
Self-supporting tree brace, straightens crooked trees.
Simple to use, effective and eliminates stakes and wires.
A must-have product for anyone in the nursery industry!
The small tree brace is ideal for container trees.

Roy Enterprises, L.L.C. (treetrainer.com)
265 NE Highway B
Spickard MO 64679
Email: info@treetrainer.com

(Thanks to Tree Trainer for emailing the info 5-14-03).

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