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Product- Farm, Lawn & Garden Tractors Made in USA

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John Deere (johndeere.com)

Farm, Lawn & Garden Tractors

Most tractors built in North America. All large Ag Tractors (7000, 8000 and 9000 Series both tires or tracks) built in Waterloo, Iowa. 4000, 5000 Series, 790 & 990 as well as Advantage Series 5105 & 5205 built in Augusta, GA. Lawn & Garden Tractors built in Horicon, Wisconsin.
6000 Series built in Mannheim, Germany.
6403 & 6603 built Satillio Mexico. (per johndeere.com cust serv email 11-24-01) (Why not made in Saipan?)

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John Deere (johndeere.com)

Watch out for:
a tractor made in Germany & Mexico and tractors made and/or assembled in another country.

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Power King


Made in the USA Tractors (per http://www.ashtabula.net/shanks/PC.html 11-21-01)

Buy from:
SHANK'S SALES & SERVICE (www.ashtabula.net/shanks/)

5013 North Ridge Road East
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004
(440) 998-3181
Fax 440-998-3394
Toll Free (888) 4-SHANKS

Watch out for:
a tractor made in another country.

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