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Product- Stuffed Toy Animals Made in USA

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Kathy's Kreations (kathyskreations.com)

Soft Toy Animals

American Owned & Operated. Proudly Made in the USA. (red white blue waving USA flag home page labeling.) (per kathyskreations.com 7-27-03)
All products proudly Made in USA. (per Kathy's Kreations customer service email 11-28-99)
Made in USA [w/USA flag logo] (per Kathy's Kreations web site home page 11-28-99. Check out their excellent Made in USA page {www.kathyskreations.com/stuffed%20animals%20business/stuffed%20animals%20usa.html})
Proud American manufacturing company. All designs "in-house". Manufacturing "in-house". Even furs, stuffing, bandana's, etc., from American companies and many of those employee owned! (per Kathy's Kreations customer service email ~7-8-99)
USA owned company (per Kathy's Kreations customer service 11-28-99 email. Why USA owned?)
100% owned and operated in America. Use all American Made products. (per Kathy's Kreations cust serv email 9-12-01)

Realistic animals, authentically detailed in a unique collection of American Made stuffed animals. Product line specializes in distinctively original designs using a blend of art and realism. Collection has come to be referred to as "Soft Sculptures", due to its artistic detail and workmanship. Through the use of air brushing and clipping, the Designer Collection of animals has even more attention to detail than is normally found in stuffed animals... even the eyes are shaped and hand dyed to capture the "soul" of the animal. Kathy's Kreations animals have an authentic, aesthetically pleasing look that set them apart from other plush animals.

With clients such as: Smithsonian Institute, Universal Studios, Carnegie Museum, Coldwater Creek, National Buffalo Museum, Department of the Interior, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Arizona Highways Magazine, etc., Kathy's Kreations exquisite line of beautifully handcrafted animals amaze the young and old alike.(per Kathy's Kreations web site 7-3-99)

Where American artist & designer Kathy C. Dryer, in the medium of artificial fur, creates realistic wildlife/domestic works of hand-crafted art, Made in USA. (per Kathy's Kreations customer service email ~7-8-99)

Buy direct from:
Kathy's Kreations (kathyskreations.com)
(602) 547-8760
Fax: (602) 547-0740
4642 W. Waltann Lane
Glendale, AZ 85306.

Watch out for:
a stuffed toy animal made in China and ones made and/or assembled other countries.

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Hugg-A-Planet (huggaplanet.com) Foundlings

Soft Toy Animals

Made in Vermont, USA (per product label)
Made in the Green Mountains of Vermont(per hugg-a-planet.com 12-31-99)

The purist environmentally safe toy in the world, designed with children in mind. Produced of organically grown cotton, in fields purged for three years for the dissipation of any and all residue pesticide, making it safe for the planet too. The fabric is guaranteed to be pesticide and chemical free. No bleaching ever used. Constructed of 100% organically grown cotton fabric. Unbleached cotton fiber fill. Eyes are embroidered for added safety and softness. Machine washable.

Elephants, Bunnies, Turtles, Rabbits, Labradors, Puppies, Teddy Bears, Whales and more.

Available for purchase directly from:
Hugg-A-Planet (huggaplanet.com, peacetoys.com) VT Factory, Sales Office
164 Catamount Dr. Milton, VT 05468
802-893-3334, fx802-893-3345.
email- hugearth@together.net

Watch out for:
stuffed toy animals made and/or assembled in another country.

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Vermont Teddy Bear

Teddy Bears

Made in America. Handmade in Vermont. (prominent home page labeling) All Vermont Teddy Bears are Handmade in Vermont. (per vermonteddybear.com 4-9-06)
The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is the largest maker of handcrafted, American-made teddy bears! The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory is located in Shelburne, Vermont, USA. (per vtbear.com web site 11-28-99)

As always, Before you order, check for Made in USA!
Buy Direct From:
Vermont Teddy Bear

Watch out for:
teddy bears and stuffed toy animals made and/or assembled in another country.

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Super Sherman

Teddy Bears

All products made in America (per Buy American.com ~3-25-01).

Buy from:

Watch out for:
any stuffed toy animal made and/or assembled in any other country.

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Contry Critters

Soft Toy Animals

All but one line, Made in USA (per Country Critters customer service ~3-00)

' "One of the last major manufacturers of stuffed animals in the USA is a company that many people have never heard of. Country Critters of Burlington, KS makes a full line of puppets, stuffed animals, ride-on toys, hats, trophys and life-size animals. Their quality is second to none and the cost is a fraction of [many] imported animals . . . . The company can be reached at (800) 369-8623. If people knew about this company and saw the products they produce, it just might put a dent in the imported toy business." -via the internet from fier0069@aol.com '
(per The Buy America Foundation letters page www.libertynet.org/buyam/letters.html)

Ask for the ones Made in USA . All Models Available from:
Bear On The Beach (bearonthebeach.com/plushbears/countrycritters/countrycritters.html)
#5 North First Street
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971
Phone: 302-227-6657 ~ Fax 302-226-0134
Toll-Free 1-800-269-9210

Country Critters
(800) 369-8623
Burlington, Kansas

Watch out for:
Country Critters imported line of stuffed animals and stuffed toy animals made and/or assembled in other countries.

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