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Product- Stereo Speakers Made in USA

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Human Speakers (humanspeakers.com)

Speakers, Speaker Kits, Home Theatre Speakers and Car Stereo Speakers

Made in the U.S.A.. HUMAN Speakers in Lee, NH builds a simple line of speakers, crafting the parts and each complete speaker by hand, usually to order, right here in our own factory. (Made in America web page) (per humanspeakers.com 8-9-01)
Built in NH. 100% made in USA parts and labor, except certain sub-sub-components may be sourced overseas. Almost impossible to get US-made capacitors these days. USA owned company, privately held. (per humanspeakers.com cust serv email 8-9-01)

Sub-Woofers, too. Also, EPI/Epicure and Genesis Speaker repairs.

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Human Speakers (humanspeakers.com)

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(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who emailed their question 7-27-01)

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