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Product- Socks Made in USA

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Wigwam (wigwam.com)

Dress Socks, Moisture Removing & Sports Socks

Made in USA (prominent white blue Home Page logo)
Simply the Best...From Seboygan, WI. (per wigwam.com 8-29-04) They make 'em in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Union Represented by UFCW Local 147T, AFL-CIO. (per justiceclothing.com 8-29-04)

Buy from:
Justice Clothing (justiceclothing.com)
Justice Clothing Company
10 Harlow Street
Bangor, ME 04401
888) 661-0620
e-mail: info@justiceclothing.com

Wigwam Mills, Inc. (wigwam.com)
Sheboygan, WI USA

(Found with Shop Union Made (shopunionmade.org), 8-29-04)

Watch out for:
all socks made and/or assembled in another country.

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Thorlo (thorlo.com)

Kids & Adults All Activity Socks

Made in USA (prominent red white blue logo) (per sock packaging labeling ~12-19-02)

For Sports, Outdoors, Snow & Lifestyle.
Running, hiking, skating, skiing, western, uniform and styles for many other activities.

Buy from:
Footwear Etc. (footwearetc.com)
20690 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor for giving US Stuff the info ~12-19-02)

Thor-lo Inc. (thorlo.com)
PO Box 5399
Statesville, NC 28687-5399

Watch out for:
all socks made and/or assembled in another country.

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Woolrich Inc. (woolrich.com)

Day Hiker Hunting Socks

Made in USA (per woolrich.com 8-7-02)

"Engineered for hard wear. Soft, itch-free, 21.5-micron diameter merino lambswool yarns provide comfort between your foot and shoe. Reinforced impact areas provide durable construction; jersey knit around ankle area provides freedom of movement; flexible fibers and ravel-free top provide longevity." (per woolrich.com)

Buy from:
Woolrich Inc. (woolrich.com)

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor for emailing the info 1-17-02)

Watch out for:
day hiker hunting socks made and/or assembled in another country.

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Maggies Functional Organics (organciclothes.com)


Made in the USA for 20 years. (home page slide show 4th of July sale ad)
SOCK STORY. Proudly made and dyed in the USA. (home page, top of left side bar button links)
Full line of socks for the whole family have been knit, dyed, and packaged in the USA for over
twenty years. (bottom of home page company description)
- - - (per home page http://www.maggiesorganics.com/ 7-6-12)
All of our socks are made by 5 family-owned mills in North Carolina. We are very proud of the
fact that every pair of socks we have made in our 18 years has been made in the USA. (per company history page)
- - - (per www.maggiesorganics.com/2010_history.php 7-6-12)
MADE IN U.S.A. (easy to see bolded caps black font on light brown background)
- - - (per socks paper stick-on label ~6-28-12)

Made with organic fiber, recycled paper label. Functional Organics since 1992.

Buy from:
Whole Foods (wholefoods.com), Cupertino, Calif

Maggie's Functional Organics (organciclothes.com)
Ypsilanti, Michigan
In the US (734) 482-4000
Outside the US: (734) 482-4000
(800) 609-8593

Watch out for:
a sock made with organic fiber made and/or assembled in another country, and other Maggie's apparel (non-sock) made in Central & South America.

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Gold Toe (goldtoe.com)


[Some styles still] Made in USA (per bar code scan sticker labeling on Gold Toe All Day Comfort style socks 12-16-07)
Made in USA (per socks packaging label ~12-17-01)
Great American Knitting Mills Operations Headquarters in Burlington, North Carolina. Executive Headquarters in New York. The company also operates a mill in Newton, North Carolina as well as its original mill in Bally, Pennsylvania. (per goldtoe.com 4-7-00)

Men's, Women's, Boys, Girls & Babies.

Buy from:
Macy's (macys.com)

Gold Toe Brands, Inc. (goldtoe.com)
(as of 1-29-02, formerly Great American Knitting Mills, per US Stuff visitor email 4-5-02)

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who emailed info 4-5-02)

Watch out for:
a Gold Toe and other brand sock made and/or assembled in another country.

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Soft 100% Organic Cotton Tube Socks

USA (per RealGoods.com ~10-98)

Triple pack of tube socks made of certified organic cotton with a touch of nylon and lycra for elasticity and strength. Durable socks are soft and cushiony all over, with a thick ribbed band at the top. No sewn in heel makes this a great one-size-fits-all. USA.
08-289 Organic Tube Socks http://www.realgoods.com/products/clothes/08-289.html

Buy from:
Real Goods-Healthy Lifestyles

Watch out for:
a sock made and/or assembled in another country.

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Red Wing Shoes (RedWingShoes.com)


Made in USA (Per product labeling ~6-1999)

Socks for Work.
Men's and Women's Work Shoes and Work Boots, too.

Available for purchase at:
Red Wing Dealers and Red Wing Stores. Check the Yellow Pages under 'shoes' or 'boots'. Check the White Pages under Red Wing. You can also locate a dealer from:
the Red Wing Shoes Web Site (RedWingShoes.com)
or just call 1-800-359-BOOT(2668)

Watch out for:
a sock made and/or assembled in another country.

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