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Product- Six by Six Vehicles Made in USA

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Polaris (polarisindustries.com)

Six by Six ATV Vehicles

Production for all Polaris vehicles done either in Roseau, MN, Spirit Lake, IA or Osceola, WI..
Polaris is a U.S. company with corporate office in suburb of Minneapolis, MN. Distribution center in Winnipeg, Canada. (per Polaris Ind. cust serv email 5-30-00) (Why US owned? HowToBuyAmerican.com)
American Ingenuity (per polarisindustries.com 7-17-00)

Made to the highest standards in the world- Polaris Standards.

Also Street and Touring Motorcycles, Snow Mobiles, Personal Watercraft & ATV Motorcycles.

Buy from:
Bike World (go-polaris.com/bikeworld/)
953 W. El Camino Rl
Sunnyvale, Calif 94087

And other Polaris Dealers (go-polaris.com)

Polaris Industries, New York Stock Exchange, Common Stock, Symbol- PII

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six by six vehicles made and or assembled in any other country.

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