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Product- Shirts Made in America with Buy American Themes

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Thoughts on America (buyamericanonly.com)

Buy American Shirts

Made in America (per buyamericanonly.com)
Made by Platinum Sportswear plants in Baltimore, Md., Atlanta, Ga., and Tempe, Az., USA of made in USA fabric. Shirt tags labeled Made in U.S.A.. Thoughts On America is USA company (per Thoughts On America cust serv email 3-30-00)
(Why Not made in Saipan?)

Shirts with Buy American Themes and other patriotic logos.
Promoting a Buy American Attitude!
Tee shirts.
Embroidered Polo Shirts, too.

Buy them today from:
Thoughts on America (buyamericanonly.com).
Toll Free: 1-877-LOYAL-US (1-877-569-2587)
Fax: (561) 582-6047
Monday through Saturday: 9 AM - 10 PM EST
6968 Tradewind Way
Lantana, FL USA 33462-4049
Email: steve@buyamericanonly.com

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Fruit of the Loom (already closed their last US plant) imported tee shirts and no to tee shirts made or assembled in any other country.

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