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Product- Portable Seat Made in USA

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Howda Designz (howda.com)

Portable Seat

Made in USA [Red, white and blue stars & stripes home page logo] (per howdaseat.com 9-26-01)

Portable Seating that will help your back.
Great back support. Indoor/Outdoor Therapeutic Portable Seat. Use watching TV, in stadiums, beach, picnics, traveling, in your car or airplanes, and more.
ROLLS UP to be lightly carried or easily stored.

Buy from:
Howda Designz (howda.com)
Toll-Free at 1 (800) 348-3884
Or: 978-462-6260
Howda Designz, Inc.
P.O. Box 451
Newburyport, MA 01950.

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who emailed the info 9-1-01)

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