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Product- Roses Grown in USA

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US Tariff regulations are such that roses, like most other plants, cannot be brought into this country from overseas without going through a 2-year quarantine period first. Therefore, you can be relatively certain that all roses available through our retail sources are US Grown, except for those retail sources in France and Germany and Norway. The American Rose Society oversees the rose "bush" industry as opposed to the "cut-flower" industry which is something altogether different. Anything with a root ball on it must abide by US regs governing the industry, while "cut-flowers" or those used by florists, follow no such regulations are predominantly imported from South America. Our wholesale rose bush growers do have a hand in the cut flower industry, I suggest you visit www.rose.org for more info on that. In the meantime, rest assured, most rose bushes for sale in the US are grown in the US (some from Canada). (per American Rose Society, www.ars.org cust serv email 11-5-98)

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