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Product- Amateur and Shortwave Radios Made in USA


Ten-Tec (tentec.com)

Amateur and Shortwave Radios

New model (tentec.com/rx350.htm) still made in USA (per US Stuff visitor email 10-24-01)
Made in USA (per Ten-Tec website, 8-25-99)
All Ten-Tec products are designed, manufactured and distributed from our 40,000 square foot facility located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. At Ten-Tec we apply our unique manufacturing and design skills to produce World Class Amateur Radio, Commercial and OEM products. Our in-house facilities include Engineering, Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing, Plastic Molding, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Finishing as well as electronic assembly and testing. We also produce our own tooling in our well equipped tool and die shop.(per 8-16-99 US Stuff visitor email)
All engineering, sheet metal and plastics fabrication and assembly work done in Tennessee plant. Ten-Tec tries to use USA electrical component suppliers but many of those come from the Far East because they're not manufactured in North America any more. 100% U.S. owned, privately held. (per Ten-Tec cust serv email 11-13-00)

" ... The man with the ham radio had a Ten Tec, as listed on your web page. The 3 ham operators there were commenting on how that is one of the best performers in the world. One of the hams said he has a Yaesu radio (from Japan), and had noted before how the Ten Tec could pull out signals where his Yaesu or other import radios could only get noise. ..." (per 10-16-99 U.S. Stuff visitor email)

Buy from:
Ten-Tec (tentec.com).
Sales 1-800-833-7373

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitors who emailed the info earlier in the past, and emailed info on 10-24-01)

Watch out for:
Yaesu Ham Radios made in Japan (per 10-16-99 U.S. Stuff visitor email) and amateur & shortwave radios made and or assembled in any other country.


R. L. Drake (rldrake.com)

Amateur and Shortwave Radios

Made in USA (per R.L. Drake website, 8-6-99)
Shortwave products all made in Ohio. Some componets come from all over the world but boards and all electronics are assembled here and we manufacture our own chassis in our Ohio manufacturing facility. Cable TV and Assistive listening products are made in the USA, some sound reinforcement and video distribution products are made in Asia. We try to do all we can here. Our company has been building product here for over 55 years.(per 8-8-99 R.L. Drake customer service email)

Amateur & World Band Shortwave Radio.
High Performance.
Quality Products.
Over 55 years of manufacturing.
Drake and Dracom Brands.

Buy from:
R.L. Drake Company (rldrake.com).
Phone: +1 (513) 746-4556
FAX: +1 (513) 743-4510
E-Mail: Shortwave@rldrake.com

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who emailed the info)

Watch out for:
Yaesu Ham Radios made in Japan (per 10-16-99 U.S. Stuff visitor email) and amateur & shortwave radios made and or assembled in any other country.

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