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Product- Paper Towel Holders Made in USA

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Spectrum (www.spectrumdiversified.com)

Paper Towel Holders

Made in USA (black & white star & stripe logo) (per back of package labeling ~3-17-02)

Vertical or Horizontal. Wall, Cabinet or Shelf screw mount.
Fits any decor. High strength ABS plastic or clear acrylic.
Other styles available.

Buy from:
Bed, Bath & Beyond (bedbathandbeyond.com), San Francisco Bay Area, Calif. stores.

Spectrum Diversified Designs, Inc. (www.spectrumdiversified.com)
675 Mondial Parkway
Streetsboro, Ohio 44241
Main Phone: (330) 422-1840
Toll-Free: (800) 878-3536
Facsimile: (330) 422-1850
e-mail: sales@spectrumdiversified.com

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who gave US Stuff the info 3-17-02)

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