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Product- Pencils Made in USA

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General Pencil Company (GeneralPencil.com)

Art, Craft, School & Cosmetic Pencils

Made in the USA since 1889. Made in Jersey City, New Jersey by American craftspeople. Pencils use California Wood. Proudly Made in the USA. (per GeneralPencil.com 2-19-00)
95% of all General Pencil products manufactured in Jersey City, NJ or in California. Graphite comes from many places, but General Pencil still uses a US source. Private company (per General Pencil customer service email 3-6-2000)

"The American-made choice for aspiring and world renown artists alike. Choose them for your creative talents.
Pencils handcrafted using sustained yield Genuine California Incense Cedar Wood. No rain forest wood. Approved nontoxic by the Pencil Makers Association."

For questions, comments or special orders, email; info@generalpencil.com

General Pencil Company (GeneralPencil.com)
PO Box 5311
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: 650-369-4889
Fax: 650-369-7169

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who emailed the info)

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