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Product- Motorcycle Gloves Made in USA

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Vanson Leathers (vansonleathers.com)

Leather Motorcycle, Racing and Casual Wear

Made in USA (unlabeled product) (eagle logo).
The All American Leather Experience. Vanson selects only the best, top-grain U.S. hides. Tanned, drum-dyed and tumbled to Vanson specs in the USA. Drum conditioning and dyeing of Vanson leather at a U.S. tannery. (per product package company brochure ~2-1-10)

From Race Track to The Street, The Birth of a Vanson Product.
Every Vanson garment has passed the critical "track test".
There is only one grade of leather that Vanson uses:
Competition Weight Leather of Vanson's own special tannage!
Leather Jackets and Custom leather motorcycle clothing, too.

Vanson Leathers, Inc. (vansonleathers.com)
951 Broadway
Fall River, MA 02724
T.......(508) 678-2000
F.......(508) 677-6773

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