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Product- What is 'Made in USA'?

What is 'Made in USA'?

See the Federal Trade Commission's "Complying with the Made In the USA Standard" web page:

Report violators of the Made in USA Standard!

Last time US Stuff checked, US gov said something like, to label a product "Made in USA", the product had to be "...all or virtually all made in USA." Room for interpretation, and companies have been really stretching the limits. US gov also said products made in other countries, or with foreign content had to be labeled so. Products made in USA didn't have to have the "Made in USA" label, though.

Theoretically, that means a product you find in the store with no Made in USA label, could still be made in USA. Stay away from these products if you can, though. Manufacturers often hide the "Made in ..." other country label; so they are obeying the laws, but tricking the consumer.

Look for the Made in USA label on anything you purchase. Even the made in USA label, though, can be corrupted. See the Saipan Page for one example. A US Stuff visitor found some tools in a store, back in June of '99. They were multi-purpose adjustable clamps. On the tag hanging from the clamps was a US Flag and the words "Made in USA". In black on black plastic stamped in small letters on the clamp itself was "made in Germany". He supposed that maybe the tag was made here in the USA. [Thanks to Auto Tips (www.inct.net/~autotips) for the info emailed 6-20-99].

US Stuff looked for a computer printer that was made in USA. Called a company, and was told printer made in USA. They checked the box, couldn't find a made in USA label, but said it was made in USA, in a local USA factory. US Stuff was very proud to purchase the printer. When received, US Stuff couldn't find a "Made in ..." label, either, so believed the printer to be made in USA. Later, US Stuff found, on the bar code sticker on the box, in teeny, tiny writing, a "Made in China" label. Very disappointing.

And there are many other bad stories, so Be careful out there!

Watch out for:
products made and/or assembled in another country, or labeled "Made in USA", but made outside the 50 United States.

Product price, features, content, description, County of Origin, etc may change and/or vary.
Sometimes U.S. Stuff gets it totally wrong.

Always verify before ordering.
Always verify after receiving.
Always check the labels.

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