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Product- Globes and Maps Made in USA

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Replogle (ReplogleGlobes.com)

Globes of the World

Most Replogle Globes Made in USA. May occassionally have an imported part. Smaller globes are imported, like the Gemstone, Swivel Wonder, Inflatables Ornaments and Spectrum. (per Replogle phone customer service 8-31-09)
Made in USA. (per used shelf globe labeling ~7-09)

Seeing a bigger picture, since 1930.

As always, Before you order, check for Made in USA:
Replogle Globes, Inc. (ReplogleGlobes.com)
2801 South 25th Avenue
Broadview, IL 60155 U.S.A.
Phone: 708.343.0900
Toll Free Phone: 800.275.4452
Fax: 708.343.0923
Toll Free Fax: 800.445.6237
Email: info@replogleglobes.com

Watch out for:
a Map or globe made and/or assembled in another country.

Product price, features, content, description, County of Origin , etc may change and/or vary.
Sometimes U.S. Stuff gets it totally wrong.

Always verify before ordering.
Always verify after receiving.
Always check the labels.

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