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Product- Log Splitters Made in USA

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All American Log Splitters, Inc. (minisplitter.com)

Indoor/Outdoor Log Splitters

Built and tested in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Proudly Manufactured in the United States with American Products (USA flag logo) (per minisplitter.com 4-7-02) (Why not made in Saipan?)
Jack not made in China (per minisplitter.com 4-9-02)
Jack imported (per buyamerican.com 4-9-02)

The Mini Splitter. Use indoors or out.

Quality & Dependability- look for the Mini Splitter name. Lifetime Warranty! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Makes axes, and gas powered splitters, a thing of the past. Just about anyone can use it. No fuel, no fumes, no strain, no pain, splits logs up to 19"x19". The safest, easiest, quietest indoor/outdoor log splitter ever.

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All American Log Splitters, Inc. (minisplitter.com)
7570 Lafayette Street
Denver, CO 80229

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