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Product- Emergency Knife Tool Made In USA
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Smith & Wesson (smith-wesson.com)

Emergency Tool/Knife

American Made. American Owned. (per smith-wesson.com 5-2-02) (Why American owned? See HowToBuyAmerican.com.)
100% Made in USA (per popularlink.com cust serv email 10-29-99)

Smith & Wesson First Response (item #HK-911)

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Popular Link (popularlink.com)
To order call (281) 565-9463 10am-5pm central time

Smith & Wesson (smith-wesson.com)
Smith & Wesson
2100 Roosevelt Avenue
Springfield, MA 01104
Email: qa@smith-wesson.com

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an emergency tool or emergency knife made and/or assembled in another country.

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