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Product- Kitchen Tools Made in USA, Kitchen Utensils Made in USA

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Rada Cutlery (radamfg.com)

Professional Dinner Cutlery, Food Preparation Knives and Kitchen Utensils

Made in the USA. (prominent home page, red-white-blue flag labeling) (per radakitchenstore.com 1-8-09)
Made in the USA. (prominent home page, red-white-blue flag labeling) (per www.radamfg.com 1-8-09)
Originally manufactured in Waterloo, Iowa, in 1974 we moved our operation 20 miles to Waverly, Iowa. At the time of the move 18 employees worked at Rada Mfg. Co. Since then we have moved to a larger building and have had to expand it twice to keep up with the demand that you, our loyal customers, have created for Rada Cutlery. Today, over 120 employees earn their living working at Rada Mfg. Co. (per http://www.radakitchenstore.com/AboutUs.asp 1-8-09)
Made in the USA. (prominent home page, red-white-blue flag labeling) (per radakitchenstore.com 9-27-07)
Made in the USA. (prominent home page, red-white-blue flag labeling) (per radamfg.com 9-27-07)
USA. (per Gaiam/Real Goods Fall catalog ~9-15-07)

Beautiful, professional cutlery, with rare Recycled Aluminum brush finish handles, with surgical quality, high-carbon stainless steel blades, available from RealGoods.com .
Amazing Kitchen Knives and Utensils Since 1948. Lifetime Guarantee!
Dinner Cutlery, Table Knives, Steak Knives, Kitchen/Food Preparation, Meat, Bread, Bagel, Pairing Knives, Kitchen Utensils, Spatulas

Before! you buy, Always check for Made in USA!
Buy from:
Gaiam Real Goods (realgoods.com)

Or Buy Direct from:
Rada Kitchen Store (radakitchenstore.com/) 1-888-771-7798

Rada Manufacturing Co. (radamfg.com)
PO Box 838
Waverly, IA 50677
Phone: 1-800-311-9691 or 1-319-352-5454 (available 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday)
Fax: 1-800-311-9623 or 1-319-352-0770 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Watch out for:
Cutlery, Dinner, Kitchen, Carving, Food Preparation Knife sets or knive made and/or assembled in another country.

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Best Manufacturers (bestmfrs.com)

Kitchen Tools & Utensils

USA. Some other items labeled Brazil, Japan, etc. Check web description. (per bestmfrs.com 1-8-09)
USA. (per bestmfrs.com 1-14-02)
American made products. American manufacturer. 70% of sales are products made in Portland, Oregon. (per Best Manufacturers cust serv email 10-23-01)
Privately held corporation with 100% USA ownership. Primary products, wire whisks, whips, and mashers, all made at plant in portland. Some raw materials, which are essentially unworked commodities, are import. (per Best Manuf cust serv email 1-15-02) (Why USA owned? HowToBuyAmerican.com)

"The Professional standard for the Home Cook."

French Whips, Swedish Style Cooking Whips, Mashers, Serving Spoons, Turners, Fresh Bread Bean & Vegetable Bags, Bowl Scrapers, Spreaders, Rolling Pins, Icing Combs and more.

Buy from:
Best Manufacturers Inc. (bestmfrs.com)
P.O. Box 20091
Portland, OR 97294
phone 503-253-1528
fax 503-253-0878

(Thanks to Best Manufacturers for emailing the info 10-23-01, 1-14-02, & 1-15-02)

Watch out for:
a kitchen tool or utensil made in China, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Mexico and kitchen tools made and/or assembled in another country.

Product price, features, content, description, County of Origin , etc may change and/or vary.
Sometimes U.S. Stuff gets it totally wrong.

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Always verify after receiving.
Always check the labels.

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