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Product- Sports, Soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey Goals Made in USA

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Practice Partner (www.practicepartner.com)

Sports, Soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey Goals

All Practice Partner products are made in the USA (prominent home page & every page red white & blue USA flag, with mouse over info). Galvanized steel made in the USA. (per practicepartner.com 9-14-02)
All products made in the USA. Steel- IL. Nets-AL, Boxes-NC, Fasteners-OH, S-Hooks-OH. Family owned and family lives in NC where factory is. (per practicepartner.com cust serv email 2-7-02)
Family-owned business based in Goldsboro, NC. Galvanized steel products made exclusively in the U.S.A.. (per practicepartner.com 2-6-02)
We make all of our sporting goods in the USA. (per practicepartnerinc.com cust serv email 11-1-01)

Sports practice equipment and goals for Baseball, Softball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Tennis and Lacrosse.

Practice Partner Inc. (www.practicepartner.com)
Toll-free 800-352-4057 | Direct: 919-736-0453

Watch out for:
a Sports, Soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey Goal made and/or assembled in another country.

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Super Steel Goals (supersteelgoals.com)

Hockey Goals

Made in USA. (prominent red white blue ad labeling) (per Super Steel Goals ad in USA Hockey Magazine 9-04)

Available with NHL netting and in fold flat designs.

Super Steel Goals (supersteelgoals.com)
Toll-free 800-634-7350
Heartland Sports Manufacturing
14655 Edgewood Road
Rogers MN 55374
763-428-8977 or 800-634-7350
Sales Department - sales@supersteelgoals.com
Service Department - service@supersteelgoals.com
Information - info@supersteelgoals.com

Watch out for:
a Hockey Goal made in China and hocky goals made and/or assembled in another country.

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Mylec (mylec.com)

Off Ice, Roller, Street Hockey Goals

Made in USA, except for netting made in China (per mylec.com cust serv email 3-20-02)
Made In USA (per hockey goal box labeling ~3-24-02)
Made in the USA (prominent red white & blue USA flag logo) (per mylec.com 3-26-02)
90% of products including Helmets! made in Mylec's Winchendon Springs, MA, USA plant. Balls and pucks bought from National Latex in the USA. Shin Guards, sticks, goals (except for netting), balls, pucks, tape, goalie pads! are made in the USA. Gloves and most cloth items imported. Netting for goals, mini foam pucks and balls made in China (per mylec.com cust serv emails 3-20-02)

Innovator in Off-Ice Hockey equipment since 1970.
Goalie Sticks, too.
Street, Roller, Cross Over (Ice/Roller) Hockey Sticks, Helmets!, Shin Guards!, Goalie Pads! balls and pucks , goals (except for netting), balls, pucks, tape, and more.

Buy from:
Plat It Again Sports (playitagainsports.com)
El Camino Real.
Mountain View, Calif (near Sunnyvale)

Mylec Incorporated (mylec.com)
VOICE: 978.297.0089
FAX: 978.297.1359
TOLL FREE FAX: 800.255.1359 (orders only)
GENERAL MAILBOX: sthockey@mylec.com

Watch out for:
a street, roller, inline skate or off-ice hockey goal made and or assembled in another country.

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