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Product- Wall Mounted Folding/Extending Grab-Bars Made in USA

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Extend A Hand

Locking Extension Assistance Grab Bar

Made in USA (prominent red, white &blue, stars & stripes logo) (per extendahand.com 7-25-01)
Built in America (per extendahand.com 7-25-01)

A Grab-Bar You Can Actually Reach!
World's ONLY Locking Extension Assistance Grab Bar DME Device.
Easy to use! Just lift and the unit will automatically lock into position. After use, just press the buttons and the Extend A Hand easily folds out of the way, or simply leave locked into position!

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Extend A Hand

Sarff Systems, Inc.
Extend A Hand
3519 N. Eden, Suite B
Spokane, Washington 99216
509 - 892 - 7844
877 - 398 - 3635
fx 509 - 892 - 1083

(Thanks to extendahand.com for emailing US Stuff 7-25-01)

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