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Product- Gloves Made in the USA

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Berlin Glove Co.

Men's and Women's Leather & Deerskin Gloves

All products Made in America (per BuyAmerican.com 4-6-01)

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Watch out for:
a glove made in China, and a glove made and/or assembled in any other country.

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Smith and Hawken (smithandhawken.com)

Ladies Elbow Length Leather Garden Gloves

Made in USA (per glove label, per US Stuff visitor 12-4-02)

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Smith and Hawken (smithandhawken.com)

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who gave US Stuff the info 12-4-02)

Watch out for:
a glov made and/or assembled in another country.

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Gerbing's Heated Clothing (Gerbing.com)

Heated Motorcycle (and other) Gloves

Gloves Imported, but Glove grommets and wiring Made in USA. All other products Made in U.S.A. All USA sewing, mostly Seattle. Custom work done in Union, WA. Born and Raised USA Company(per Gerbing's customer service email 12-27-99) [Why USA owned? Go to HowToBuyAmerican.com.]
Clothing made by local seemstress. Clothing wired by Gerbing techs. (per Gerbing customer service 12-27-99)

Jackets, Vests, Pants, Socks and more World's only source for complete heated clothing systems. Over 20 years experience keeping thousands warm in comfort and style.

Feel the warmth!

Ultimate Jacket, Regular Jacket, Ultimate Pants, Regular Pants, Jacket Liners, Vests, Gloves, Socks, Thermostats, Back Heating/Cooling Pads keep you comfortable from head to toe.
All hand washable except gloves. Simple battery connection!
High-density heat pads. Warmest you can buy. Even heat distribution throughout garment. Pads sewn directly into inside lining. Heating pads close to body.
Outer garments sewn from coated urethane nylon. Windproof. Keeps cold out and heat in.

Made by and available for purchase from:
FAX: 360-898-4223
E 750 Dalby Rd
Union, WA, 98592
E-Mail: sales@gerbing.com

Watch out for:
heated glovs with no USA content.

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