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Product- Flutes Assembled in USA

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Sweetheart Instruments (sweetheartflute.com)

Blow Fifes & Flutes

Made in USA (per hobgoblin.com/local/cartflut.htm 11-24-01)
Sweetheart Flute Co. is a small Connecticut shop where Ralph Sweet and his helpers make wooden flutes, folk flutes, military fifes, Irish flutes, pennywhistles, baroque flutes, renaissance fifes, piccolos, wooden whistles and tabor pipes. (per sweetheartflute.com 11-27-01)

Making wooden instruments since 1974. Excellent value for your investment.

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Hobgoblin (hobgoblin.com)

Sweetheart Instruments (sweetheartflute.com)
32 South Maple St.
Enfield, CT 06082

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Watch out for:
a flute assembled in another country.

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Yamaha (yamaha.com)


Made in Japan, but assembled in US by UAW workers (per US Stuff visitor email 10-5-01)

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who emailed the info 10-5-01.)

Watch out for:
a flute assembled in another country.

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