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Product- Flashlight Bulbs Made in USA

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LED Flashlight Bulbs

USA (per www.realgoods.com ~7-28-00)

LED Flashlight Replacement Flange
Replace existing flashlight bulb with efficient LEDs. LEDs use 80% less battery-power than incandescent flashlight bulbs. Tough diodes eliminate fragile filaments. Impervious to the usual shock and vibration. Test out at 11 years of continuous use! Three-diode led clusters (in a standard 9mm flashlight base) fit any flashlight with battery configuration, from 2 AA to 3 D cells (alkaline or nicad). 3 battery configuration gives brightest illumination. Light produced is vision-saving moonlight white or night-vision red. 3 D-Cell Mag Light, LED Flashlight Repl/Flange White or LED Flashlight Repl/Flange Red.

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