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Product- Nails, Fasteners and Screws Made in USA

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Maze Group (mazenails.com)

Nails, Fasteners and Screws

Proudly Made-in-the-USA (waving USA flag logo)(per mazenails.com 12-9-00)

The "MAZE GROUP" is comprised of three well-known U.S. nail mills, with over 400 years combined experience:
Maze Nails- Peru, Illinois. Established in 1848.
Independent Nails- Taunton, Massachusetts. Established in 1915.
Tremont Nail- Wareham, Massachusetts. Established in 1819.

The "Maze Group" of nail mills makes all sorts of popular Specialty Nails.
World's largest variety of specialty nails. Lifetime warranty.

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who emailed the info 9-7-00.)

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any nail, fastener or screw made and/or assembled in any other country.

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