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Product- Pencil Erasers Made In USA

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Dar-Ann,Inc. (PencilErasers.com)

Pencil Erasers

USA-MADE (per US Stuff visitor email 12-18-01)

"Maker of Wonderful Graphite Grabbers" ERASERS.

Buy from:
Dar-Ann,Inc. (PencilErasers.com)

And from:
Sanford, Moon Products, Walmart, Sam's Club, etc...

Dar-Ann,Inc. Supplies (PencilErasers.com)
3910 Fayetteville Hwy.
Petersburg, TN 37144

(Thanks to the U.S. Stuff visitor who emailed the info 12-18-01)

Watch out for:
a pencil eraser made and/or assembled in another country.

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Sanford (sanfordcorp.com)


Made in the USA (~2-99)

"Magic Rub"
Pencil Eraser

Buy from:
Your local Business Supply Store or Drug Store.

Sanford (sanfordcorp.com)
Eberhard Faber Inc.
Owned by Newell Company (newellco.com)

(Thanks to the U.S. Stuff visitor who emailed the info prior to 2-22-99.)

Watch out for:
a Pencil Eraser made and/or assembled in another country.

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