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Product- Drill Bits Made in USA

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Blu-Mol (blu-mol.com)

Drill Bits & Drill Bit Sets

Proudly Made in America (red white & blue flying USA flag logo). Made in USA. (per product package labeling 1-18-02)

21 Piece set for the price of a 17 piece.
Includes full length 1/2" & 3/8" Bits.
4-Edge split point Black Oxide drill bits.
New Heavy Duty Armor-Case. Easy grip with sliding lock.
Guaranteed forever by Blu-Mol

Buy from:
Home Depot (homedepot.com), San Jose, Calif, 95129 Blu-Mol (blu-mol.com)
S Deerfield, MA 01373

Watch out for:
a drill bit or drill bit set by Work-Force or Skill made in China, Dewalt made in Germany and watch out for Bosch Bits with no visible label, and watch out for bits made and/or assembled in another country.

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Always verify after receiving.
Always check the labels.

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