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Product- Rice Crackers Made in USA

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Crunch Master (crunchmaster.com)

Sesame Rice Crackers

Made in U.S.A. (per disctinct package labeling ~9-20-01)

Oven Baked. All Naturally Flavored.

Buy from:
Nob Hill Foods (nobhill.com), Cupertino, Calif.

Crunch Master (crunchmaster.com)
Distributed by:
United Products, Inc.
Torrence, Calif. 90505

Watch out for:
rice crackers made in Japan, and rice crackers made in other countries.

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Edward & Sons (edwardandsons.com)

Brown Rice Snaps Crackers

Product of U.S.A.. Crafted in the USA. (per package labeling 10-17-01)

Low Fat Baked. Made with Organic Brown Rice. Vegetable Flavor.

Buy from:
Wild Oats Market (wildoats.com), Sunnyvale, Calif.

Edward & Sons Trading, Inc. (edwardandsons.com)
PO Box 1326
Carpinteria, CA 93014
Phone (805) 684-8500
Fax (805) 684-8220

Watch out for:
Edward & Sons rice crackers made in Japan, and rice snaps made in other countries.

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