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Product- Disk Controllers Made in USA

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GSI Inc.

Disk Controllers, Disk & I/O Adapters

"Proudly Made in the USA.
GSI is one of the very few, if not the only, American designer and manufacturer of disk and I/O adapters. Our assembly facility in Irvine, California provides 100 percent of our worldwide production. GSI engineers take the future into consideration with every product. We use innovative technology to accelerate I/O and back it up with unparalleled support. Copyright 1997-98 GSI" (Per Web Site ~2-99)

GSI Inc.
Post Office Box 17118
Irvine, California 92623-7118
(800) 486-7800 Sales Information
(949) 261-7949
(949) 261-9744 Technical Support
(949) 757-1778 Fax

(Thanks to the U.S. Stuff visitor who emailed the information.)

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