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Product- Drip Brew Coffee Makers Made in USA
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Bunn (bunnomatic.com)

Drip Brew Coffee Maker

Made in U.S.A. Made in the USA (with USA flag logo) (per product package labeling 3-30-00)
Made in USA (per Coffee Wholesale USA, cw-usa.com 3-16-00)
Made in Iowa (per order confirmation ~3-30-00)

Fastest Coffee Brewing- Perfect coffee in less than 3 minutes
Cafe Quality Flavor
Bunn's Commercial Quality & Value
Two to Eight 6-Ounce Cup Capacity Brewer
3 Year Limited Warranty

Available for purchase from:
Coffee Wholesale USA(cw-usa.com).
Fx 512-388-9791
1101 North Industrial Blvd., Building A
Round Rock, Texas 78681-3629 USA

Bunn-O-Matic Corporation (bunnomatic.com)
1400 Stevenson Dr.
Springfield, Illinois 62703
Ph# 1-800-352-BUNN(2866)
Ph# 217-529-6601
Fx# 217-529-5915

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