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Product- Leather Clothing Made in USA

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Langlitz (langlitz.com)

Motorcycle Leather Clothing

USA Made (per US Stuff visitor email 10-23-00)
Small family owned business from Portland, OR. (per US Stuff visitor email 10-23-00)
Shop in Portland, Oregon. Some items built by other American companies- boots built in Oregon by WESCO and heavy belts & bags by IDAHO LEATHER COMPANY. (per langlitz.com 1-22-01)

Custom Built Motorcycle Leathers, Since 1947
Leather related motorcycle products- Kidney belts, flight jackets, leather shirts, vests and mitts.

"I have personally owned a Langlitz jacket for over 12 years and have friends who have had them even longer." (per US Stuff visitor email 10-23-00)

Langlitz Leathers (langlitz.com)
2443-A SE Division
Portland, Oregon
USA 97202
Telephone: 503-235-0959
Fax: 503-235-0049

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who emailed the info 10-23-00)

Watch out for:
leather clothing made and/or assembled in another country.

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American Mystique (americanmystique.com)

Authentic A-2 Bomber Jackets

American Mystique bomber jackets and embroidery are 100 % USA made with top-notch materials and artistic workmanship. We only carry one foreign jacket that meets our standards of quality and durability, the M65 Field Jacket, Made in Pakistan (per americanmystique.com 2-23-02)
100% made in the USA leather jackets (per americanmystique.com cust serv email 11-09-01)

Bomber Jackets, Flight Jackets, Wool Navy Pea Coats.

Buy direct from:
American Mystique, Inc (americanmystique.com)
709 E. Summit
Fergus Falls, MN 56537
Toll Free: 1-866-736-4570 or Local: 218-736-4570
Email: info@americanmystique.com

Watch out for:
a leather jacket made in Pakistan and any leather or wool jackets made and/or assembled in another country.

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Schott Bros. (schottnyc.com)

Leather outerwear, motorcycle jackets, casual outerwear, streetwear, Military, western and custom.

Hand Crafted in America Since 1913. Some styles are imported. (per SchottNYC.com 7-3-10)
Made in the USA (per schottnyc.com 7-4-00)
Most outerwear made in New Jersey in a union factory. Materials from all over the world, since only a handful of US manufacturers left. Not enough US materials around, either. Privately-held US based company. (per Schott Bros. cust serv email 7-21-00). (Why not made in Saipan?)

Makers of fine outerwear since 1913.

Schott Bros., Inc. (schottnyc.com)
358 Lehigh Avenue
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
FAX: 732-442-6666
Ph# 732-442-2486
E-Mail: schottnyc@schottnyc.com

Found with:
Thomas Register

Watch out for:
leather clothing, motorcycle jackets, outerwear, military and western clothing made and/or assembled in another country.

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Vanson Leathers (vansonleathers.com)

Leather Motorcycle, Racing and Casual Wear

Vanson Leathers, Made in USA. Vanson Leathers World Service, Imported. (per VansonLeathers.com web site gloves page. No more "Proudly made in USA" labeling, 7-3-10)
Everything with higher price points and out of leather is Made by Vanson in one of two Vanson owned factories in Fall River, Mass or San Salvador, El Salvador. Not contractors. T-shirts and long sleeve shirts on E-bay are Made in China by a Licensee that Vanson has in Japan. Shirts are primarily sold in the Orient and not in the USA. Vanson only licenses out low end price pint items. Not very cost efective for Vanson to make the T shirts in the USA and then sell them with freight to the Orient. (per Vanson cust serv email 4-10-10)
Jacket made in Pakistan. (per eBay seller ~4-1-10)
Proudly Hande Made in the USA. (home page labeling, flying USA flag logo) (per vansonleathers.com 6-29-02)

Custom leather clothing, too.

Vanson Leathers, Inc. (vansonleathers.com)
951 Broadway
Fall River, MA 02724
T.......+1 508-678-2000
F.......+1 508-677-6773

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who emailed the info 1-2-02)

Watch out for:
leather motorcycle clothing, leather racing clothing and casual leather clothing made and/or assembled in another country.

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Bradley Associates (bradleyassociates.com)

Authentic A-2 Bomber Jackets

Made in the United States (per bradleyassociates.com 3-29-00)
Made in USA (per Bradley Associates cust serv email 2-5-00)

Bomber Jackets.
B-17 & WWII info.

Buy them directly from:
Bradley Associates (bradleyassociates.com).
3713 Everest Drive
Montgomery, AL 36106

Watch out for:
a bomber jacket made and/or assembled in another country.

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U.S. Wings (www.uswings.com)

Bomber Jackets

Made in the U.S.A. (per uswings.com web site 7-17-99)

Bomber Jackets and aviation apparel.
Official supplier to the US Military.
World's largest inventory!

Available for purchase from:
U.S. Wings, Inc. (www.uswings.com).
Toll-free number: 1-800-650-0659 (english orders only,24 hrs./day)
1-888-946-4787 during business hours (M-W, Fri 1pm-5pm, Thurs 1pm-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm ET).
Worldwide Phone Order: 1-330-686-5971
Worldwide Fax Order: 1-330-686-5970
Customer Service: 1-330-686-5973 (8am-4pm ET Mon.-Fri.)
3390 Kent Road
Stow, OH 44224

Watch out for:
a bomber jacket made and/or assembled in another country.

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US Authentic Mfg. Co. (flightjacket.com)

Flight Jackets

Made in US. (per flightjacket.com 3-10-01)

Buy from:
US Authentic Mfg. Co. (flightjacket.com)

Watch out for:
a flight jacket made or assembled in another country.

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