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Product- Kids Outdoor Clothing Made in USA

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weeGEAR (weegear.com)

Outdoor Clothing for Kids

Products made entirely in San Francisco Bay Area. Apparel designed at Novato headquarters (located 20 miles north of San Francisco), manufactured by independent contractors in San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area, and shipped from Novato warehouse. (per weegear.com 3-28-00)
All our apparel constructed in San Francisco. All materials made in the US. Shoes will be made in Brazil. (per weeGEAR email 3-28-00) (Why not made in Saipan?)
Family-owned corporation based in San Rafael, California. (per weeGEAR.com email 3-28-00) (Why USA owned? HowToBuyAmerican.com)

Year round outdoor clothing

weeGEAR, Inc. (weegear.com)
Toll Free: (888) WEE-2313, (888) 933-2313
Phone: (415) 884-4050
Fax: (415) 884-0240

(thanks to OnlyAmerican.com for listing the info)

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