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Product- Clothes Washing Machines Made in USA

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Staber (staber.com)

Clothes Washers

Staber is the only tumble action washer made in the U.S. that maintains top loading convenience. Have been produced in Groveport, OH, since 1994 and are distributed worldwide. (per staber.com 3-6-02)
Made by Staber brothers in Ohio, USA. (per www.backwoodssolar.com/Catalogpages2/appliancAC2.htm 3-9-02) (Why not made in Saipan?)

Less Water, Less Soap, and Much Less Power
Lowest energy, water, and detergent usage of any washer available and named as a 'Best Buy' in the 2001 Consumers Digest® Annual Buying Guide. (per staber.com 3-9-02)
Save 30 gallons of water per load, compared to average agitator washer. Save over $300 annually in resources. (at the national average of 8 loads per week for a family of 3) [per staber.com 3-9-02]

All user serviceable parts with 25 year warranty on outer tub, 10 year on cabinet, 5 year warranty on bearings and suspension, 1 year on other parts. No clutch or transmission, just one belt from electronically controlled motor to drum.

Buy from:
Backwoods Solar Electric Systems (www.backwoodssolar.com)
1395-in Rolling Thunder Ridge
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 USA
Phone: 208-263-4290
Fax: 208-265-4788
Toll Free Fax Only: 888-263-4290
e-mail: info@backwoodssolar.com

And Buy from:
AmericanMadeSupplies.com MainStreetE.com LLC (americanmadesupplies.com)
1 Main Street
Robbinsville, NJ 08691
Phone: 609-357-0100
Toll Free: 866-654-4804
Fax: 212-504-9580

Staber (staber.com)
800-848-6200, 614-836-5995 4800 Homer Ohio Lane
Groveport, OH 43125
info@staber.com , sales@staber.com , support@staber.com

Watch out for:
a clothes Washer made and/or assembled in another country.

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Super Wash (.com)

Pressure Wash Machine

USA (per Real Goods (realgoods.com))

Launders a 5-lb. load of medium to lightweight wearables quickly, effectively, and without a single watt of electricity. Portable, lightweight, and easy to use - load up the barrel, add water and soap, screw on the pressure lid, and turn the handle. To rinse, drain, refill, and agitate for another 30 seconds. The only moving parts are two pivots; nothing to break down. Sturdy and durable; with suction cups for stability while agitating. Assembled, the unit measures 19" H x 17.5" W x 15" D; limited mfr.'s warranty. (per realgoods.com 3-10-02

Buy from:
Real Goods (realgoods.com)

Watch out for:
a clothes washing machine made and/or assembled in another country.

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