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Product- Cheese Made in USA

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Organic Valley (OrganicValley.com)

String Cheese

Wisconsin Real Cheese (per product package logo, ~2-00)
Made in Wisconsin, U.S.A. (per Organic Valley customer service ~2-00)
Ingredients, labor etc all from United States. Owned by farmers, USA (per Organic Valley cust serv email 2-9-00) (Why USA owned? HowToBuyAmerican.com)

Organic String Cheese.
Produced without hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides.
Very unique Coop of farmers = farmer owned. Profits made go back into farms to keep them going.

Available for purchase from:
Cupertino Natural Foods
Cupertino, California

And from other fine food stores.

Organic Valley Family of Farms (OrganicValley.com)
Distr. by CROPP CO-OP
507 W. Main Street
La Farge, WI 54639
(888) 444-6455
Fax (608) 625-2600

Watch out for:
any cheeses made and/or assembled in any other country.

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Crave Brothers (CraveCheese.com)

Mascarpone Cheese

Wisconsin Cheese. (Wisconsin cheese logo) The Crave Brothers work in harmony with the land to produce high quality milk on our rural Wisconsin dairy farm. Handcrafted on our dairy in the finest Wisconsis tradition. (per cheese container labeling ~5-25-10)

Made with fresh sweet cream.

Buy from:
Whole Foods (WholeFoods.com)
Cupertino, California

Crave Brothers (CraveCheese.com)
Waterloo, WI 53594-9652

Watch out for:
cheese made and/or processed in another country.

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Sometimes U.S. Stuff gets it totally wrong.

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Always verify after receiving.
Always check the labels.

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