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Product- Canned Elberta Peaches Made in USA

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Fruitful Valley

CANNED ELBERTA PEACHES. Organic Fancy Yellow Freestone Halves

PRODUCT OF U.S.A (per can labeling ~4-98)

In Organic Grape Juice.
Picked Ripe! Hand Peeled!
No Added Sugar. No Preservatives.

Ingredients: Organic* Elberta Peaches and Organic* Grape Juice.

*Certified Organically grown and processed in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990 and Oregon TILTH standards. Net Wt. 17 oz. 482g (Canned)

Fruitful Valley
Grown & Packed by George Noroian Fruits from Fruitful Valley
2063 E. El Monte Way
Dinuba, CA 93618.
559.591.7044 fax: 559.591.8836

Buy from:
Whole Foods (wholefoods.com), Cupertino.


Buy the Large Cans from:
LaFreria Grocery Store
Canutillo, Texas (per US Stuff visitor email 9-16-01)

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canned peaches from other countries.

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