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Product- Calculators Made in USA

Sorry, couldn't find any Calculators made in USA.

(Thanks to the US Stuff visitors who emailed looking for calculators 1-21-02 & 4-10-02)

If you find some Calculators made in USA, let US Stuff know ( Contact US Stuff),
and US Stuff will list them on this page.

If you still need a calculator, but can't find one made in USA, you may want to purchase one made by a USA owned company, in a more democratic country, under better working conditions (hard to know).

American owned calculator companies are Hewlett Packard and Texas Instruments, per book How Americans Can Buy American, 2nd Edition (HowToBuyAmerican.com). Order your copy today!

Watch out for:
calculators made by Japanese owned Canon, Casio & Sharp, a calculator made by a foreign owned company, and, if you can, a calculater made and/or assembled in another country.

Product price, features, content, description, County of Origin , etc may change and/or vary.
Sometimes U.S. Stuff gets it totally wrong.

Always verify before ordering.
Always verify after receiving.
Always check the labels.

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