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Product- Pails & Buckets Made in USA

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Buckets and Pails

USA (per Real Goods Spring 2001 catalog)

Made from recycled tires and waste plastic!
Long-lasting, don't corrode or buckle.
Handsome galvanized handles.
8, 12 & 18 Quart set of three buckets. Item # 63-819

"A product line that delivers long after the rubber has hit the road."

Buy from:
Real Goods (realgoods.com)
fx 800-456-1139
360 Interlocken Blvd, Ste 300
Broomfield, CO 80021-3440

Watch out for:
a bucket or pale made in another country.

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Buckets and Pails

Made in USA. (per made-usa.com 4-4-03)

Bucket Master, Inc.
1824 Lincoln
50613 Cedar Falls, IA
Phone: 319-266-1736
Fax: 319-277-0997

Empire Bucket & Manufacturing Co.
1360 Livingstone Road
POBox: 9
54016 Hudson, WI
Phone: 715-386-2930
Fax: 715-386-5189
Contact: Mr. Pertz

Mr. Ice Bucket
87 Jersey Avenue
08901 New Brunswick, NJ
Phone: 732-545-0420
Fax: 732-846-3383
Contact: Mr. Haleluk

(Found with Made in USA Business search engine.)

Watch out for:
a bucket or pale made in another country.

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