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Product- Wine Totes & Bottle Bags Made in USA

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Hero Bags, San Francisco (HeroBags.com)

Eco-Modern Cloth Wine Tote Bags and Hooch Carriers

Designed in San Francisco. Grown & Sewn in the USA. (near top of home page, just below company name, label)
Made in USA. (Hooch bag outside label, per image) American Grown Cotton. Made in USA. (Hooch bag item description)
(per herobags.com 11-27-10)
Made in USA (per prominent bag graphic "artist signature" labeling)
(per bag outside graphic printing ~10-10)
100% Made in the USA (bold font).
MADE IN USA. (largest font, white, on thick color bar background, highly visible)
Material made in the USA. (small font)
(per sewn-in, inside "garment tag" label ~10-10)
Designed in San Francisco. Sewn in the USA.
(per paper cling tag ~10-10)
Hero Bags takes pride in the fact that all Hero Bags are grown & sewn in the USA. All Hero Bags are made out of American grown and processed cotton and manufactured right here in the USA by fair labor workers in a fair labor certified factory.
(per http://www.herobags.com/information.html 11-27-10)

Medium & Large Shopping Bags, Bookbags, Picnic Totes, Hooch Bottle Bags, One Bottle & Two Bottle Wine Totes,
Clothe Lunch Bags, Organic Cotton Lunch Totes, Musette Bike Messenger Bags.

As always, Before you order, check for Made in USA!
Whole Foods (wholefoods.com)
Cupertino, CA

Hero Bags, San Francisco (HeroBags.com)
San Francisco, CA

Watch out for:
a cloth wine bottle bag or wine totes made and/or assembled in another country.

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Chill-N-Go (bottlebag.com)

Bottle Bags & Wine Totes

Made in USA (per bottlebags.com 8-6-99).

Go Lightly Manufacturing - home of chill-n-go (bottlebag.com)
3600 Sunrise Boulevard, #2
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Watch out for:
a bottle bag or wine tote made and/or assembled in another country.

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