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Product- Electric Bikes Assembled in the USA, with USA Motors

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Zap Electric Vehicles (zapworld.com)

Electric Bicycles

Smith & Wesson police bikes are the best, but frames are from overseas. Motors are from an American manufacturer, Revcor, and all final assembly and quality testing in Sebastopol, CA.. Zap electric bikes have Made in USA power systems, but the bikes are from Taiwan. Zappy scooter is manufactured here, as is the Lectra electric motorcycle (at EMB in Sebastopol). Gem cars are US made, not sure about all the parts. Electricycles are made in Taiwan. (per zapworld.com cust serv email 10-27-99)

Zap Electric Vehicles (zapworld.com)
One ZAP Drive
117 Morris Street
Sebastopol, CA 95472 USA
tel (707) 824-4150
order line (800) 251-4555
fax (707) 824-4159
Stock Symbol: ZAPP

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an electric bike assembled in another country and/or made with an imported motor.

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