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Product- Baby, Infant & Toddler Products Made in USA

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Infant, Baby & Toddler Products

All products Made in America (per buyamerican.com 3-22-01)

Diaper Stacker Bags, Bedding Sets, Baby Books, Infant & Toddler Car Seats & Child Car Booster Seats, Baby Carriers, Baby Bottle Powder Separater Attachments, Infant Bathing Wash & Clean Tub Sets, Nursing Pillows & Travel Pillow, Baby Shopping Cart Pad & Seat Covers, Prenatal Fetal Phones, Baby Safety Products, Strollers and Joggers, Sun Protectors, Videos.

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(Thanks to the US Stuff visitor who emailed Cosco stroller info on 3-29-02.)

Watch out for:
Peter Rabbit Convenience Strollers by The Dorel Juvenile Group of Columbus Ohio. (Cosco), with box labeled made in USA on front but Made in China on bottom (per US Stuff visitor email 3-29-02), and a toddler, infant or baby product made and/or assembled in another country.

Product price, features, content, description, County of Origin , etc may change and/or vary.
Sometimes U.S. Stuff gets it totally wrong.

Always verify before ordering.
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Always check the labels.

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